Why are we needed?

Climate change and the general awareness of its impact continues to have a profound effect on economy, societal priorities, and cultural perspective of all major world economies. Business practice is having to change as a result of global challenges. 

This is where GlobalTrust comes in.​


Climate Change

Without drastic change today, adapting to the future will be substantially more difficult and costly to both society and economy


Business Practices

Citizens and governments are demanding that businesses adopt approaches that safeguard our planet


Access to Information

Governments and industry struggle to get access to reliable intelligence about their current actions or for future planning


Business Credibility

Many organisations are not providing enough transparency about their operations and risk losing customer’s trust in their brand

How we work

We apply advanced data analytics to satellite imagery in order to measure and monitor our clients’ activities
We harness the global coverage of satellites and geospatial technologies with leading edge analytics to provide targeted insights
We are end-user driven and take a user-centred approach to designing our space-based products and services
We create repeatable and scalable insights, and offer continual access to our database where clients can continue to self-monitor
We create bespoke socio-environmental insight reports and intelligence depending on the clients' individual needs

What makes GlobalTrust unique

We combine powerful geospatial datasets with advanced analytical tools to create highly scalable and rapidly customisable offerings to the market
We offer independent and trustworthy perspectives on our clients' challenges
We create bespoke reports and intelligence depending on our clients' individual needs
We have technical awareness, market understanding and initiatives already underway with key customers
We are uniquely positioned in both the UK and Sweden, two nations at the forefront of driving sustainable behaviour and best practice across business and government


We use Earth Observation satellites to gather information about the Earth’s physical, chemical and biological systems. This technology combines ground-based techniques with remote-sensing technologies/instruments to acquire observations of the Earth’s surface and atmosphere. 

GlobalTrust specialises in these remote-sensing technologies: we harness the global coverage of satellites and geospatial technologies with leading edge analytics to provide insights​ for corporations and governments.