Water is one of our most important natural resources, being a key of social and economic development. Water is essential for growing food and staying healthy, for maintaining the environment and preserving biodiversity, and for generating energy as well as creating jobs. The access to clean water is a human right and an important factor towards an equal society. This is why good water management is important to all parts of the society. 

GlobalTrust can help both organisations and companies in different aspects of the water management. By utilises the global coverage of satellites, GlobalTrust can monitor a set of parameters to identify environmental damage and pollution in water bodies connected to different industrial activities and the whole supply chain cycle.  

Examples of what we can measure and monitor are:   

water quality monitoring

  • Water Extent 
  • Water Scarcity  
  • Water Turbidity
  • Colour Changes in Water
  • Chlorophyll
  • Algae Bloom
  • Vegetation Stress




Water Quality 

GlobalTrust uses the power of satellite imagery and measurements to identify the presence of indicator pollutants, which can highlight the existence of other chemicals, identify environmental damage and pollution, or measure algae growth as an indicator of ecological health.  GlobalTrust provides quantitative information that can be used in environmental reporting.   

water quality

Your business, organisation or institution will need all of these data to characterise water bodies, identify water quality changes over time, and identify specific existing or emerging water quality problems. It is also needed to gather information to design specific pollution prevention or remediation programs, determine whether program goals (such as compliance with pollution regulations) are being met, and respond to emergencies (such as spills and floods).  

Businesses and governments need to effectively reflect on the current state of water quality to understand the degree of impact and pollution they are causing.    

GlobalTrust will gather and analyse all these data, providing you with trusted and independent information to give you confidence in your decision-making process.   

Water Scarcity 

GlobalTrust can also support your company in identifying water scarcity and climate related risks that might impact your operations in an area. We can analysis the water in a specific area and see from a historical perspective how the water sources have changed both long-term as well as how seasonal variations change the specific area.  

The benefit of satellite data is that it is easy to access historical data giving our customers a better understanding of what is natural in an area and what is caused by human activity such as an operational industry. This data will help corporations to understand both current and future risk of their business operations related to water and will thereby help them transform to a more sustainable business operation.