GlobalGuard(TM): Unlocking Sustainable Futures


February 15th, 2024



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Marta Mas i Serra

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GlobalTrust announces the launch of its revolutionary service, GlobalGuard(TM). This cutting-edge tool serves as a powerful gauge for environmental metrics, providing organisations with unparalleled insights to drive sustainable practices and informed decision-making.

At the heart of GlobalTrust’s mission is a commitment to harnessing the power of satellite data for positive global impact. GlobalGuard(TM), our latest innovation, takes this commitment to the next level by offering comprehensive insights into key environmental metrics. From air and water quality to deforestation rates, carbon emissions, and biodiversity indicators, GlobalGuard(TM) provides a holistic view of an organisation’s environmental impact.

Flexibility is key, and GlobalGuard(TM) understands that. The service offers customisable dashboards, allowing users to tailor the presentation of data to align with their specific sustainability goals and reporting requirements. This user-friendly approach ensures that organisations can easily integrate GlobalGuard(TM) into their existing sustainability strategies.

GlobalGuard(TM) employs advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms to provide predictive insights. This capability enables organisations to anticipate and mitigate potential environmental challenges, contributing to a more resilient and sustainable future.

GlobalGuard(TM) represents a monumental leap forward in our mission to provide actionable insights for sustainable decision-making,” says Steve Spittle, CTO of GlobalTrust. “As a company dedicated to leveraging satellite data for positive environmental impact, we believe GlobalGuard(TM) will empower organisations to embrace sustainability in a more strategic and informed manner.”

GlobalGuard(TM) is not just a service; it’s a catalyst for change. By unlocking the power of satellite data analytics, GlobalTrust is paving the way for organisations to make a real impact on global sustainability.

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