While the world was locked inside their homes due to Covid, Dr Richard Hilton and Steve Spittle were working relentlessly to build what GlobalTrust is now: a company with a great team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about satellite and geospatial data and experts in using them to analyse and create insights to help make the world a better place.

An amazing team

We have created an extremely strong and diverse team, all working together under a shared vision

Steve Spittle, CTO


The accomplishments of GlobalTrust during these two years have resulted from the efforts of every team member. Growing a meaningful culture in the middle of a pandemic while working remotely was challenging, but everyone’s hard work and dedication made it possible.



We work hard to fulfil the clients’ very specific needs on their projects

Rowan Edwards, EO Data Scientist


Offering honest and reliable customer service is a significant part of why GlobalTrust has been growing steadily since the beginning. As one of the company’s core values, customer satisfaction is essential to our business.

GlobalTrust has worked with unique customers and has been privileged to have these customers return. They want to make a difference in the world, and GlobalTrust is helping them achieve their goals. Building substantial long-lasting partnerships and offering the best available information and service has always been the aim of GlobalTrust. That is why the company provides personalised products and services to cover the clients’ needs.

At every level, GlobalTrust is committed to providing the best possible service and support and has received positive feedback and follow-up contracts.


Our beginnings

Our first project allowed us to reflect on how we could better support each other as a team

Pritimoy Podder, Senior Geospatial Engineer


GlobalTrust started its path before the pandemic started. This unusual situation that affected the world put the focus on survivance rather than the improvement of the companies. All businesses were focused on their operations and keeping in business rather than looking into new technologies that could help them become more productive and sustainable.

Deciding whether to start the company in this situation was not easy, as the severity and duration of it were totally unknown, with minimal recent precedent to draw upon for guidance.

Eventually, amid a global pandemic, GlobalTrust was launched. But even in these difficult conditions, the two co-founders created a new brand and built trust and credibility within the industry and sectors of interest.

The team working remotely managed to embrace the company’s values and culture and worked together with a common goal. They performed different roles, learned new skills and techniques, and helped the company grow during these two years.


Where we are

We are consolidating our offer with new products and new clients

Dr Estel Blay, Senior Business Development Manager


GlobalTrust has established two successful operational offices, one in the UK and one in Sweden, and has created meaningful relationships with clients, leading to multiple follow-on contracts and strong working relationships.

The company has implemented a credible scientific and trust methodology across all projects and services. The transparency and validity of our results are crucial, and we will continue to build this into all future products and services.

GlobalTrust has been recognised as industry leaders by governmental organisations like Catapult, HMRC and SNSA and has been published in national newspapers and specialised publications.


The future

We are developing more usable products and exploring new industries that can gain from space-based information

Liisa Kiviloog Emilson, Business Developer and Sustainability Manager


GlobalTrust will move into a new home shortly, with new facilities that will allow the team to grow and the company to expand. The company will explore new industries that can gain from space based information, thus working with new clients and new sectors, and also will grow into a more extensive technical team.

GlobalTrust will work to consolidate its offer with new products and services. The potential power of geospatial data to assist with the new challenges of environmental and social impacts is enormous. GlobalTrust will continue developing solutions and products for companies and governments to help them achieve their sustainability and business goals.


A big thank you

I feel most proud of the team that we’ve assembled. They have fully embraced the culture and strongly believe in the company mission, which puts the client’s needs at the heart of our thinking. This is a key reason why our customers are coming back

Dr Richard Hilton, CEO


GlobalTrust would like to take this opportunity to thank our clients and our team. To the customers, thank you for your continued support. You have helped the company grow and improve its services and products. The company commits to working hard every day to continue meeting and exceeding expectations in the coming year and beyond. And to the amazing team of GlobalTrust, thank you for your hard work and commitment to the company.