The fashion industry has a high potential to be at the forefront of utilising space technologies to bring transparency and create trust in its long and complex supply chains.​

We can support you in your sustainability agenda by providing trusted insights in monitoring, for example:​

  • Water quality in rivers near textile mills
    Toxic chemicals used for dying clothes are one of the largest water polluters globally. Local regulations and BSR water quality standards are important tools to reduce environmental impact.
  • Atmospheric emissions such as methane or sulphur and dust extent and composition released during dissolving wood pulp production for viscose fibre
    We analyse the spectral information in satellite data to identify the presence of environmental pollution, which is often not visible to the human eye. ​ Rapid and cost-effective mitigations can be easily facilitated by providing early warning and alert services for industrial contamination.​
  • Responsible production of raw materials like cotton
    GlobalTrust uses historical and current satellite imagery with other geospatial datasets to provide intelligence about the extraction or growth of raw materials. ​This information provides insights into the location of key products along a supply chain, as well as the condition of the environment and local communities.​
  • Illegal deforestation linked to manufactured fibre production
    GlobalTrust provides users with updates and alerts of potential unregulated deforestation activities across vast areas.