Supply Chain Mapping

Our continuous and objective environmental monitoring capability can help you ensure your suppliers, and therefore your, compliance with sustainability standards, track supplier performance, and mitigate risks throughout the supply chain. Whether it’s an existing or a new supplier, we can provide unbiased information about their sustainability performance and impacts on biodiversity, water quality, pollution or atmospheric emissions. This would reduce the need for site visits and would help save time and money.

We deliver objective data insights to enable an open and inclusive dialogue with local communities, to support social infrastructure development, and to unveil potential Human Rights issues in your suppliers’ operations.

For instance, companies with sites or suppliers in remote locations could get useful and independent insights without having to actually travel to the site. The global coverage of satellite data and its cost-efficient approach are key factors to these kinds of industries.

Supplier Due Diligence

We can add an extra layer of transparency about your sustainability performance by providing data to ensure your suppliers comply with due diligence.  Many companies struggle with collecting sustainability data from suppliers due to the lack of transparent, indisputable and objective information.

We can provide objective evidence and data through satellite imagery, supporting verification and auditing processes. We can capture visual proof of the supplier’s compliance, facilitating the evaluation of supplier performance against established criteria to help in building trust and transparency between companies and their suppliers.

By analysing historical data and changes over time, we can detect any unauthorised activities, such as deforestation, which may indicate non-compliance with regulations. This information assists in ensuring that suppliers adhere to legal and ethical standards.

For example, mining companies could gain a competitive edge by accessing data on their remote mine surroundings. Uncovering potential illegal mining around their sites could help them advert security risks and reduce undesirable incidents.