GlobalTrust can extract, analyse, and interpret Earth Observation satellite data at a large, global scale. With these insights, we give investors access to a wealth of information that was once unattainable, and offer a new dimension to their investment strategies.

Portfolio monitoring

The quality and availability of data are two of the biggest challenges in portfolio optimisation. To make informed decisions, investors need access to trustworthy and accurate data, and GlobalTrust can help you understand the risks when investing by giving you the necessary insights to support your decisions.

Traditionally, asset management involved evaluating financial assets based on historical data, information disclosed by the company,  and market trends. It could also entail sending resources to investigate the status of the company or asset on the ground. However, the inclusion of satellite data in asset management is transforming this practice by adding a new layer of insight in a timely, trustworthy and cost-efficient way.

The global push for carbon emissions reduction has given rise to the carbon credit market. Satellite data is a game-changer in this space, as it facilitates carbon credit monitoring and verification. It is also a powerful tool to help preserve biodiversity, increasingly important for both ethical and financial reasons. With our analytics, investors will be able to stay updated on developments that could impact their investments.

For example, companies investing in the mining industry can use our insights to drive their decisions based on socio-environmental parameters surrounding the mine.

New acquisitions

The finance industry is facing the growing need to carry out sustainability due diligence process as part of their  new acquisitions and mergers. Amidst their dynamic environment, satellite data can play a pivotal role in enhancing the due diligence process and decision-making associated with these transactions.

The process of due diligence when acquiring a company or merging with another is a complex undertaking that requires a thorough understanding of the target’s financial health, operational efficiency, and potential risks. Traditional due diligence primarily relies on financial statements, legal documents, and historical performance data. However, satellite data is now being leveraged to provide a more comprehensive picture of a company’s assets and liabilities.

With GlobalTrust’s insights, you will have trusted and independent information that will help you with your asset verification, environmental and regulatory compliance, supply chain visibility and risk assessment. We can provide these insights from any site around the world, at scale, in a cost-efficient manner and scientifically validated.

For example, we can monitor and measure the efficiency of the supply chains, enabling acquirers to evaluate the reliability and resilience of the target company’s supply chain, and uncovering potential vulnerabilities that could affect the merger’s success.

Insight delivery (ESG metrics)

Environmental consultancies have become indispensable partners for the financial industry, offering crucial insights and services that enable sustainable investment decisions. These consultancies play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between the financial sector’s growing focus on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors and the imperative to manage environmental risks and opportunities.

GlobalTrust can enhance their capabilities by offering a powerful tool for gathering more reliable and contrasting sustainability insights. By integrating our satellite data analytics, environmental consultancies can access a wealth of information that was previously challenging to obtain. This, in turn, enables consultants to offer more precise, up-to-date, and contrasting insights to their clients.

With satellite data, consultancies can monitor environmental changes and trends on a global scale, enabling them to identify potential risks and opportunities more effectively. Whether it’s assessing the impact of deforestation, tracking changes in land use, or monitoring the progression of climate-related events, GlobalTrust’s insights empower environmental consultancies to provide their clients with a clearer picture of the environmental landscape. These insights enable more informed investment and policy decisions, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally responsible future.