To demonstrate your progress, implement new strategies and mitigate potential risks, you need to monitor and measure the ESG factors that are most important to your business.

Your stakeholders will understand your commitment to sustainability if you present meaningful and trusted data in your reporting.

GlobalTrust can provide your company with independent and unbiased data and give you meaningful insights on ESG practices. We can analyse vegetation health, deforestation rates, water bodies, air pollution, and other indicators of environmental impact. We can detect changes in land use, monitor emissions from industrial sites, and identify potential environmental risks. We can monitor and measure the stability of infrastructure, the presence of temporary settlements and more. We can identify potential risks, such as illegal mining or deforestation, and help companies maintain transparency and accountability in their operations.



Operations optimisation

GlobalTrust can provide valuable information to optimise day-to-day business operations.

For example, certain industrial practices can create dust, harmful to the environment and communities around the site. Using satellite data and spectral analytics, we can map settled dust, locating both its origin and composition, and feed this information into ongoing operation strategies and reporting.

GlobalTrust can provide insights that will allow you to manage the socio-environmental  impacts of your operations and improve your decision-making process based on a comprehensive, scientific and independent analysis.

Risk management/mitigation

GlobalTrust can also help you to adapt to unforeseen circumstances, enabling you to address compliance or socio-environmental performance concerns immediately while avoiding a reputational risk for the company.

For instance, we can help oil and gas corporations to plan pipeline routes, detect leaks, identify encroachments and prevent environmental disasters. Regular updates and historical information are available with satellite data, which can help other significant industries with widely spread assets, such as mining or transportation.

Environmental impact assessment

Our continuous development and the use of cutting-edge technology, together with our expertise in satellite data and geospatial analytics, will provide your company with the necessary insights in a timely and cost-effective manner.

For example, water organisations can benefit from land use mapping, but it historically required hiring qualified environmentalists to survey the area over many days. These historical methods have a high cost, and therefore have limited scope and frequency. Our technology and analysis using satellite data is a faster methodology at a lower price,  and with more frequent and more accurate verification.