operational monitoring

We use satellite and geospatial technology to monitor and provide an indication of supply chain maturity and performance against known criteria.

We can help your organisation with your internal and external supply chains. We provide socio-environmental analysis of the supply chain’s operations and a complete analysis to understand and track the impact of one or more products, commodities or actors throughout entire supply chains.

Many companies struggle with collecting sustainability data from suppliers due to the lack of transparent, indisputable and objective information. GlobalTrust can help you to collect your data in a time and cost-efficient manner. GlobalTrust uses geospatial information and Earth Observation satellite imagery to analyse different parts of the supply chain, based on the client’s sustainability indicators.  

We provide sustainability indicators regarding your supply chain such as deforestation, biodiversity, human rights, monitoring pollution, water quality, the stability of the infrastructures, and your influence on the neighbourhood and environment. 

You will receive complementary information and increased transparency for ESG reporting, operational insights and continuous monitoring both in time and space. 

GlobalTrust supply chain due diligence