Mapping Dust Extent in Sweden


February 15th, 2023


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The Challenge

Our client is a Swedish multinational metals, mining and smelting company headquartered in Stockholm. The customer had a problem with diffuse emissions in their smelter sites in southern Sweden.

They needed monitoring of the extent of lead dust associated with their recycling facility and pin-point all the possible dust sources within the area.



Our Solution

We generated five dust extent maps, a dust source identification map, and associated explanation documentation over the clients’ site. ​We also identified the presence of possible additional dust sources in the wider Bergsöe industrial area. ​

As further work, we carried out a lab-based spectral analysis to provide the unique spectral signature of each constituent within the dust and its overall response (to understand its consistency over time and location). This includes a collection of samples from the wider industrial site. ​

We also carried out mass spectrometry to detail the base elements and their mass within the dust. We focused on samples from the port and steelworks due to the consistent identification of lead signatures.

Using GlobalTrust’s Dust Monitoring service, the customers were given a clear map of the extent of their dust and dust produced by the wider facility. This output, coupled with a compositional analysis of the dust, allowed the client to differentiate between the areas impacted by their dust and those from other industrial site organisations.

As part of the analysis, dust suppression techniques recommendations were provided in addition to an appraisal of their current methods and performance.