Atmospheric Emissions

GlobalTrust can analyse the spectral information in satellite data to identify the presence of environmental pollution, which is often not visible to the human eye. ​
Rapid and cost-effective mitigations can be easily facilitated by providing early warning and alert services for industrial contamination.​
Using this technology, we can identify and monitor large-scale atmospheric composition, like Sulphur Dioxide or Methane, to small-scale mapping of dust extent.

We can measure and monitor the following:

Methane               Sulphur dioxide               Ozone               Nitrogen dioxide               Carbon monoxide


India CO 3             India CO zoom            India steelworks COv3

Vast area in India with presence of Carbon Monoxide             Detail of area with the Carbon Monoxide in red                 Steelwork factory where the plume is originating from

Dust Emissions


Using high-resolution multispectral analysis coupled with the latest advanced analytics, we can provide organisations with the following: ​

1. A settled dust extent map in and around the industrial facility​

​2. “Fingerprint” analysi

s to identify the dust sources​

​3. An analysis of the high-level composition of the dust ​

This analysis can be undertaken at any time interval, from weekly to annually. ​

​Additional analysis can be carried out to recommend specific dust mitigation techniques based on local conditions​.