Posted November 24th, 2022 in Article

UK’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has published today a Policy Paper on Critical Minerals Strategy that aims to improve the security of supply of critical minerals. The document, titled “Resilience for the future: The UK’s critical minerals strategy”, sets out the government’s plans for improving the resilience of critical minerals supply chains.

The UK wants to promote the responsible development of supply chains and the circular economy and the improvement of existing ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) standards based on the current environmental and social challenges.

Companies will need to improve their existing ESG standards to support a more transparent, responsible and sustainable critical minerals industry. All businesses will need to provide reliable intelligence about their current actions and their future planning regarding their business approach to safeguard our planet.

This data is usually provided by the companies, and has been proved susceptible to positive bias. To avoid that, GlobalTrust can provide insights through satellite imagery and data analysis so the companies can deliver transparent and independent information.

The new UK Policy on Critical Minerals aims to accelerate the UK’s domestic capabilities, maximizing what the UK can produce domestically and carrying out cutting-edge research and development to solve the challenges in critical minerals supply chain.

The government will promote the collaboration with international partners, diversifying the supply across the world so it becomes more resilient, and enhance international markets, boosting global ESG performance, reducing vulnerability to disruption and levelling the playing field for responsible businesses.

GlobalTrust can provide information on the ESG factors to help measure a company’s sustainability and ethical impact. Satellite monitoring provides trusted and continuously updated data on the companies’ environmental performance, and GlobalTrust can provide your company with the necessary insights to improve and update your business according to the new global challenges we are all facing.

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