GlobalTrust can provide insights for national, regional and local explorations on geology, water and local communities. We can also contribute to the environmental and social risk assessment associated with broad area stability and help with the non-invasive planning for operations.

Using our technology, it is possible to help plan, monitor and provide insights across the whole of the mining life cycle, during exploration, planning, production and closure, and help your business reach your sustainable goals and align with the SDGs.

We provide intelligence about profile and volume, seepage, leaching, tailings pond change, and embankment stability. We can predict the impact on local communities and the environment and monitor the change in land use. We can derive regular volumetric analysis, monitor and model tailings storage facilities and also the mitigation of pollution (terrestrial and atmospheric). We can provide information on the presence of illegal mining as well.

We can create an evidence-based closure plan with a targeted flora and fauna regeneration strategy, facilitating stakeholder interactions. Besides, we can use satellite imagery as a tool for communications with local communications as well as helping to evidence taking the local environment back to its baseline conditions.

We can monitor the following:

Renewable energy          Dust          Emissions          Water quality          Tailing storage facilities          Supply chain due diligence


We use multispectral and hyperspectral imagery from satellites that can be used to identify the presence of individual minerals and create geological and mineral alternation maps​.


Natural Colour Image False Colour Image Spectral Classification key

Sustainability Reporting

We can monitor and measure several parameters to help you with your sustainability reporting. We can monitor changes to an environment over the past 50 years as well as derive many environmental parameters that can plug straight into an environmental impact assessment or environmental monitoring plan.

mining sustainabilityWe use spectral and machine learning techniques to automatically map out the presence of critical resources and infrastructure such as surface water and local communities. We can analyse the spectral information in satellite data to identify the presence of environmental pollution which is often not visible to the human eye, we provide updates and alerts of potential unregulated deforestation activities across wide areas and we use object-based image analysis on multiple satellite datasets to assess and classify the habitats of one area.

We can also analyse satellite and other geospatial datasets to provide insights on the potential of using renewable energy. This includes identifying the most appropriate places to install the infrastructure to its possible return on investment.