Urban change

GlobalTrust uses satellite and complementary datasets for companies and governments to plan and monitor their investments and socio-environmental impact on the local communities. ​

​Satellite technology can provide ongoing regular situational awareness over an area to provide insights into the activities and behaviour of one or more stakeholders.​

​Activity metrics often depend on the supply chain’s specific operation and geographical location; however, many applications can be monitored from space.

​We can provide information on​

  • Encroachment of activities into protected areas​
  • Assessment of how dynamic an area is​
  • Presence of additional industrial activities within an area​
  • Changes in community infrastructure​
  • Support of the community during the company’s operations​

We can help your organisation plan your infrastructure by monitoring the community as it develops and analysing the impact of your industrial activity.

We deliver immersive visualisations in 3D models to facilitate an open dialogue with local communities around your industrial activities and to create situational awareness for your asset owners.


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