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Company Information

How do you price your services?

We create bespoke products/services for clients, and therefore our pricing varies. Additionally, this depends on multiple factors described in the previous question. Please get in touch with us directly with any queries.

Who can use your services?

Businesses, governments and investors are the primary users of our products. We provide services to organisations across all industries that need insights into the socio-environmental impacts of activities, their own or otherwise.

Technical Questions

Where does your data come from?

GlobalTrust is not limited to a single source of data (whether from satellite or other sources such as drones, ground-based surveys or even insights from social media). Similarly, GlobalTrust will always identify and leverage the most relevant sources of satellite imagery (commercial or openly-available) to use within our products and services.​

What kinds of analytics do you use?

This depends on many factors, including location, image provider, number of images, availability of open-source data, level of resolution, the time frame of monitoring, coverage extent, satellite orbital path limits, and more.

Why use satellite imagery?

Satellites offer more consistency and richness of data, have access to remote locations, and can provide imagery for much larger areas than the alternatives. Satellites offer a cheaper and more frequent alternative to data gathered on the ground. 

What is Earth Observation (EO)?

The gathering of information about the Earth’s physical, chemical and biological systems. Remote-sensing technologies/instruments (what GlobalTrust specialises in) and ground-based techniques are used to acquire observations of the Earth’s surface and atmosphere.

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