The Challenge

Our client is establishing a technical and business case for an innovative satellite concept. The challenge for GlobalTrust was to provide the evidence to shape and size the concept in terms of end user requirements and expected revenues. The client required potential use cases that could be accessed through the full use of the mixed sensor capabilities on-board a proposed new satellite concept (optical, SAR, and RF). The technical requirements for each of the on-board sensors needed to be defined in order to understand how to maximise the potential revenues from each use case.

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Our Solution

GlobalTrust conducted a thorough market analysis to identify market segmentation and size, trends and developers, and competitor activities. In combination with exploring the sensor requirements, non-military civil security applications, and performance requirements, we were able to propose new opportunities and revenue projections for various use cases. 

From an initial list of 88 opportunities identified, we were able to highlight 7 key market segments for our client. Each of these were supported by a wider market analysis, comprising market size, technical characteristics, applications, competence, revenue analyses and recommendations for future onboard processing.