The automotive/e-mobility industry has a high potential to be at the forefront of utilising space technologies to bring transparency through independent and trusted data in its complex supply chains.

We can support you in your sustainability agenda in monitoring, for instance​:

  • Follow the socio-environmental impact of a critical mineral from the mine to the final product​
  • “Eye on the ground” in inaccessible regions with many stakeholders, e.g. sourcing of critical and conflict minerals​
  • Integration of complementary trusted data into your solutions

For our analysis, we collect open-source and commercial data from Earth Observation satellites – truly independent data that can even provide information about the most inaccessible places on Earth.​

In combination with existing distributed ledger technology such as blockchains, insights from satellite data can be automatically fed into the tracking systems and add a layer of trust and transparency.


Critical Minerals for Electrical Vehicles

critical mineralsLithium, cobalt, nickel and copper are key minerals in EV battery production. The extraction and refinement of these critical minerals are often the sources of tremendous environmental and social issues. Local regulations and international standards are essential tools to reduce and mitigate, yet it isn’t easy to know what is happening at the production facilities.

We can monitor sets of proxies linked to critical mineral extraction to provide insights into