GlobalTrust is a data analytics company that uses the power of satellite technology to help organisations improve their sustainable operations

Creating value from space data

GlobalTrust makes geospatial data accessible for different industries. We use Earth Observation satellites to gather information and create trustworthy and independent data for your organisation.

Satellites offer more consistency and richness of data, have access to remote locations, and can provide imagery for much larger areas than the alternatives. Satellites offer an affordable and frequent system to gather data.

Delivering meaningful insights

GlobalTrust provides social and environmental sustainability insights, prioritising the responsibility that governments and organisations need for their decision-making process.

We deliver the insights in the format our clients benefit the most:​

- Reports or presentations​
- Alert services through e-mail updates​
- Customised access to GlobalTrust’s web portal​
- Integrate data and insights to your platform through our web services​

Space Data for a Sustainable Future

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to make the world a better place by helping our clients with their sustainability strategies using satellite imagery and the latest analytical and scientific methodologies.

We strongly believe that space technology has a significant, and sometimes critical, role to play in empowering governments and companies to act ethically for a better world.

GlobalTrust’s vision is based upon building a company of enduring value where people will be proud to work. GlobalTrust’s success will be attributed to the talent, hard work and dedication of its employees.

GlobalTrust will be a highly regarded, international company with diversified product lines and capabilities balanced in the civil and commercial market sectors.

We will be profitable and growing as a result of our niche focus, our operational excellence, and our earned reputation for integrity and reliability.

Our Journey

GlobalTrust is a partnership between Swedish Space Corporation (SSC) and the two UK founders. The dual heritage of the company positions it to take unique advantage of the UK’s and Sweden’s shared national interest in sustainability.  

SSC is a leading global provider of advanced space services with more than fifty years of experience. Since its pioneering scientific rocket launches in northern Sweden, SSC have grown into a renowned, full-service supplier of state-of-the-art space engineering, satellite and launch services to commercial and institutional customers worldwide.

Our Values

We are reliable: we are responsible and result oriented

We strive for excellence: we work with integrity, innovation  and curiosity

We are customer oriented: we always put our customer needs at the forefront of everything we do, and we personalise our services for our clients.

We are a united team: we help each other and work towards a common goal. We have freedom to fulfil our potential. We are an empowered, diverse and inclusive group of people.

We make a difference every day: we are building something with purpose and meaning. We learn and improve ourselves and the company while delivering value to  our customers.


Why GlobalTrust