Providing social and environmental sustainability insights to corporates, governments and investors globally

About Us

Prioritising ethical responsibility in future decision making

About Us

Making geospatial data accessible and cost-effective for all industries

About Us

GlobalTrust is a data analytics company that helps develop and deliver sustainable strategies and embed ethical practices into the future of decision making, using the power of satellite imagery.​

How We Work

We apply advanced data analytics to satellite imagery in order to measure and monitor our clients’ activities
We harness the global coverage of satellites and geospatial technologies with leading edge analytics to provide targeted insights
We are end-user driven and take a user-centred approach to designing our space-based products and services
We create repeatable and scalable insights and offer continual access to our database where clients can continue to self-monitor
We create bespoke socio-environmental insight reports and intelligence depending on the clients' individual needs

We are addressing three key customer segments

Responsible Business

The need for individual entities to take pro-active and immediate responsibility for their impact on society, including economic, social and environmental factors across their entire supply chains.


Responsible business is the need for individual entities to take proactive and immediate responsibility for their impact on societal, economic, social, and environmental factors across their entire supply chains.

Our Solution

GlobalTrust works in conjunction with the corporates or local governments to provide information on planning, action monitoring, and outcome promotion/communications of responsible business activities.

Ethical Investment

An investment strategy which seeks to consider both financial return and social/environmental good to bring about social change regarded as positive by proponents.


Ethical investing is an investment strategy that seeks to consider both financial return and socio-environmental good to bring about social change regarded as positive by proponents. There is an ever-growing need for investors to monitor the sustainability practices of their current and perspective clients.​

Our Solution

GlobalTrust provides information on the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors used to measure a company’s sustainability and ethical impact. These ESG metrics can be used to assess potential investment suitability to align with change as well as long-term risk and return portfolio.

Public Policy Delivery

Public policy is driven by either delivery of services to directly benefit national requirements such as the collection of taxes, management of national transport infrastructure, or as a result of the public pressure to deliver something that is deemed to be important to the nation’s conscience.


Public policy is either driven by delivery of services to directly benefit national requirements or as a result of the will of people to deliver something that is deemed to be important to the nation’s conscience.

Our Solution

GlobalTrust uses satellite Earth observation to help target aid, assess cross border conflicts, create plans for sustainability developments (such as UN Sustainability Development Goals), and much more.

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Preserving the Environment & Biodiversity

- Planning and Impact Assessment

- Operational Monitoring

- Policy Creation Support

Driving Societal Change

- Community Engagement

- Community Dynamics

Monitoring Supply Chains

- Operational Monitoring (your own supply chains)

- Full Supply Chain Analysis (external supply chains)

Enabling Space Technologies

- Marketing Defining and Sizing

- Applications Characterisation

- Mission Definition Support